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@aimeeh I can't......Ravi!!!! yes!!!!! so I've known the guys in vixx for a while and we all became friends but Hongbin was my bestie for life! I had the hugest crush on Leo but I never said anything. little did I know hyuk had a crush on me! he never told me. even though hongbin was my bestie and hyuk had a crush on me, it was Ravi who took the best care of me. I never really did understand why. he even cooked dinner for me. one day N invited me to come on tour with them. I was a little worried about being in the way but he said to think of it as a vacation. so I agreed. while we were there Ravi finally confessed his feelings for me and asked me to be his girlfriend. I was shocked at first but then it all made sense. and the more I thought about it I liked him too so I said yes! Ken wasn't too happy about it....actually he was down right jealous. I guess I will never know why. after a short time of dating Ravi asked me to be his wife and I said yes. we have 2 mini ravi's together
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