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LG: (to Taemu) You are murderer and liar. You are both of them. Taemu: What are you talking about? LG: I will get you punished (In front of Sena's house) Police: I am police. Are you Hong Sena? LG: Same as Joseon, Sena and you were real sisters. (LG feels something wrong...) Bakha: What’s wrong? (In the police office,) Police: Where is the real Yong Taeyong? LG: What are you talking about? Police: Everything make sense, but why are you denying???? LG: It is not me. The one who made the grandmother to pass away was Yong Taemoo! Let me be free!!
I am so excited for EP18! OMG!! Yesterday's ending was so unexpected! I really don't know what's going to happen next!
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i feel want killer yong tae mmo. poor prince lee gak
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huh! in jail? no way! this drama will kill me. if drama ends in the scene that YiGak is in jail, i'm gonna go crazy!!! ><
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