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Thanks to @RosePark for tagging me. My anime sidekick would have to be Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell. Here are the reasons why.
Avid Reader Tachikoma will keep me up to date on the latest manga and book releases. How cool is that?
Loyal Tachikoma will sacrifice himself to keep you alive. That is true love and loyalty.
Mischievous One of my favorite traits of Tachikoma. He'll do anything to get information. Even use sly tactics such as paradoxes.
I wonder what else can it do xD It seems it would be able to do so many things!
@RosePark Right? XD
Oh, @shannonl5. I think you'll like my choice. ^_^
he's so cheery about that paradox. jeez. weird coming from a robot to even say a paradox.