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Okay so I have an interesting story to tell so get you're popcorn ready. Got yes ? okay let me being the story of how me and my friends got lost last night in L.A next to big bang .
So me and Friends two have been planing to go to Korea Town for the festival there that's sounds awesome we were so hyped about it were get there and its all fun we go to the malls yay!!! eat some Korean food we wanted to try hurray !!! Then one of my friends let's call her Beth decides to say "hey lest go to China town its not to far we could walk there " this was around 5 after the festival had ended. So we look for China town using are phones and we start are very long stressful journey ......
So we start walking there to China town were all happy excited and fooling around cracking jokes and having a blast ...but little did we now we F****d up royaly we should have stayed in Korean town were my other friend Cats Mom would pick us up.So the journey there is long and as we walk we encounter many obstecales but enter LA as we nearing China Town after wondering around and being lost countless times I notice something we can't go any further.
It's getting dark and I tell my friends hey let's stop and think are phones are all dead but one that has 20℅ and we need someone to pick us up since were all 17 Cat being 16 still and we strayed Far from Korean Town we're they had dropped us off and were going to pick us up.Now why couldn't we keep going my reasons as to y I stoped are journey.1) it was getting very dark and we were lost am sure of it 2) phone was dying and no one knew were we where in LA not Korea town 3) we had to go pass the bad part of LA were tons of bad things could happen to us being that it's was getting dark and we were 3 girls all young and defenseless accept for my knowledge of karate from all the Jackie Chan Movies I had watched growing up.
So we sit there me and Beth arguing on what to do.Am telling her no we can't go any further we have to turn back its dangerous to go any further lets be realistic. She saying no let's keeping going were almost there its dum to turn back and Cat just sitting there saying she doesn't now what to do Finally I get them to listen to me seeing that it really was dangerous for us to keeping going becuas many homeless people were aroumd that area and not to be mean but what if we ran into one who was not in his right mind at the moment? I was not risking my friends saftey or mines just to go to China Town.So we start are even longer journey back (keep in ming we had walked miles at this point we were deep in LA lost cause we didn't now the area without are parents to guide us and i really had to pee ...and the one phone with battery had 6℅ now )
So we go back through a very scary tunel for the second time and we head to a Starbucks that we had seen to hopefully Charge the phones so we can get someone to pick us up and go home. It not open ....dam it gets worse ....We start calling Cats mom she picks up and we tell her were we are but she tells she doesn't now how to get to us cause she not the best persone with derections and says shell pick us up were she dropped us off at ....Were scwered were miles away and it's drak out and were all tired and I still have to go to the restroom. Were panicking we got 3℅ we start calling Beth's dad to see if he can pick us up he can't not till 9 or later So we decide to start walking back to Korea Town....
As we are walking back we remnber some streets but end up lost and the phone at this point is completely discharged we all alone and trying to walk back. Being that I was appernetly the only reasonable person I suggest " we can't do this anymore we need to ask someone to leand us there phone and call someone else to pick us up" there give me excuse of that no one gonna lead us there phone (lies there are people willing -_- I would ) " and we keep going we end up at a Staples Center were I notice something 0-0
Big Bang is performing here OMG I point it out to my friends and I start laughing wow we're lost next to big bang but can't see them cause were broke and need to get home but can't xD...Wow so as I keep arguing with them that no we can't keeping going its dark and getting really dangerous since we have to pass through streets we're no one in their right mind would be walking at at this time. It Was okay in the day but not now .So me being fed up with this and now that finally Beths shoes riped and we can't walk anymore lol...they finally listen to me and sit there ass down as I ask people or fellow lucky V.I.Ps if I can borrow their phones to call someone to pick us up. We call anyone that can give us a ride no luck ..but thankfully Cats Dad is now with her mom and he can find us so we sit there next to Staples instead of moving around and to try and find are way back like they wanted to but I declined. As my friend cry -_- over not getting to see Big Bang I sit there annoyed that we were lost and all they can think about is Big Bang. Dont get me wrong I love big bang but my friends and my safety comes first I could care less about anything like a concert at that point. Were there and wait and finally they find us and on the ride home all they talk about is how they missed to see there baes Gd and Top and how we we're so close but far I am a bit sad but I more angry at how had I not told them to stop and wait we could have stayed lost and never gotten home and wandered like idiots being the perfect targets for some creep.I got home thanked my mom for teaching me to think then act and went to sleep happy that I got home and laughed at how me and Seungri really are perfect for each other I almost meet my husband *-* jk but that's the story of how the 3 of us got lost and ended up next to big bang ^^ thank you for reading this long card ( and thanks to the fellow who leant us there phones cause if u hadn't we would have stayed lost )