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so after thirteen weeks of waiting the day is finally here! my sister and i are on our way to go see Big Bang in Anaheim! shout out to all the vinglers that are going! see you there my lovelies @Tigerlily84 @Iv22 @DianaCastaneda
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i hope you did too xD @Tigerlily84
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@carolinacastane I think I may not have a voice tomorrow. So yeah I had a great time! sorry I didn't come say hi. Lol we waved, that counts .
2 years ago·Reply
Haha same! i yelled the whole time xD at the top of my lungs xD @Tigerlily84 and yeah its ok it was nice to see you!
2 years ago·Reply
@carolinacastane yeah I was yelling and when TOP was involved it was more of a shrill scream. lol EVEN HOTTER IN PERSON!
2 years ago·Reply
haha right! i love him! @Tigerlily84
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