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GBANG is currently on their world MADE tour and recently completed their Las Vegas and Los Angeles stops in the United States. On October 3rd local time, T.O.Pupdated his Instagram account, uploading a concept photo of himself from the “Bang Bang Bang” music video and wrote, “Las Vegas -> Los Angeles. Today’s LA show, I have a stye on my eye, it’s a problem….. I’m sorry.” Fans on his Instagram wished him a recovery, writing, “Get well soon oppa”and “Hope you get well.” Meanwhile, the Anaheim and Newark stops remain for the United States leg of their tour. BIGBANG will head to Mexico, Canada, Australia, Macao, and Japan. Curious if BIGBANG is coming to a city near you? Check their schedule here. OMG GOD PLEASE TAKE GOOD CARE OF T.O.P..WITH HS EYE INFECTION.. T.O.P HOPE U GET WELL SOON.. Credts to koreaBoo..
Lol that's not "hurt." He just needs to wash his face more lol luckily stys go away. I saw the show in Vegas! It was indescribable! Simply amazing!!!
awww poor top 😦 hope it doesn't inconvenience him too much and hes up for the rest of the tour
Should I go to his IG and tell him to use baby shampoo tear free and to wash it daily? Okay I am...Thank you @patoramirez9798