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Actor Kim Bum has made an unusual promise. The actor attended an event promoting his upcoming movie “Psychometry” held on February 14th at Uniqlo AX Hall in Seoul. Besides him, co-star Kim Kang Woo was also present. In the event, the actor promised that if the movie reaches 6.72 million in the box office, he will go to Myeongdong and hand shake with 672 people and he also promised that a sequel to the movie will be made if his goal is reached. “Psychometry,” starring Kim Kan Woo, Kim Beom, and Esom is about detective Yang Chun Dong (Kim Kang Woo) who is investigating the murder case of a little girl. He realizes that he has seen the scene of the crime before and starts looking for Joon (Kim Beom). Joon has the paranormal ability of reading a person or something's past by just touching them called Psychometry. Joon will help Yang Chun Dong however he becomes a suspect of the crime
i know~ i just wish i was one of the people who got to shake his hand!
hahaha! thats a random promise! lol