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Which is exactly what i need right now,this cough and stuffy nose is reaching new heights . I wouldn't mind if it was him who treated me . @AnnahiZaragoza @yosoysoysauce @cereal03
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@sarahvandorn i would heart this but i feel it would look like im glad you're sick, Which im not. I hope you feel better. I'm not quite there yet and i really dont want to be.
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lol @critinasnowwolf yea I just hit the sick as heck spot. I thought it was a hangover but I felt like crap before I drank and the drinking made it worse.
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@sarahvandorn Too much fun huh :) Dont let it get worse ok.
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@critinasnowwolf same for you now we both just gotta kick it in the butt.
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can you be my doctor please *heart eyes reaching for him*
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