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When we want to get something done, we have to communicate. But we often get tied up. Whether it's because of fear or anger doesn't matter. We can't do our jobs, help our friends or live freely without communication. It is the cornerstone of civilization after all. Here are 5 ways to increase your communication skills and ultimately get better at life in general. With good communication anything is possible.

1. Wait and listen instead of interrupting.

When I'm in a conversation with someone and they're just waiting for their turn to speak, it's obvious. You know that these people don't give a damn about what you're saying, or the point you're trying to make. It's a major communication block because you don't feel like you're being heard. Try to calm down and listen. Because you can learn so much more about the ideas, the person and the issue you're dealing with if you just open your ears.

2. Stay focused.

When we have meetings or talk with people close to us, sometimes we can get off track. In order to communicate more freely and clearly we have to be focused in what we're saying. If you're calling a meeting, or having a conversation for a specific purpose, then stick to it. For example, if you're talking with a significant other about something that doesn't feel right, focus on that thing. Don't bring up things from the past and bog them down with grudges. Just focus on the now, and your point will be made.

3. When tackling a big decision, think with logic, not emotion.

This is a hard sell for a lot of people. Emotion runs our lives. It's hard to detach from it. But when making a big decision regarding finances, or a job, you can't lead with emotions. It will screw up your decision. Think about it like this: we want the president of our country to be level headed right? We wouldn't want to go to war or pass a law based on emotion alone. We have to think like great leaders and put our logic in charge of our emotions. Better communication comes with a logical and analytic response when needed.

4. Repeat the important things during your conversation.

It is imperative that you repeat your most important points. You have to consider that people aren't listening to you while you're talking. It's a bleak thought, but it makes a lot of sense. I probably don't listen all the time either right? Right. So. This is where repeating comes in. If you want someone to take one thing away from your conversation be it: I want you to listen, or take action, or anything, you must repeat the most important part. This will ensure that you are communicating clearly.

5. Be simple and direct.

This is my biggest problem. My brain runs at 1000 miles per hour and sometimes my wires get crossed. Sometimes my intentions get misconstrued and I can't communicate as effectively as I want to. This is where simplicity can take over and help. Try to stick to one or two points per conversation, don't use a bunch of metaphors and twisted up phrases. Just say what you want! Tell people what you need. How you feel. Coming clean and being honest is the best way to communicate. Because communication is all about opening the channels and being honest.
This post was inspired by: @MaighdlinS and @myguardian Hopefully this gives you some more insight on how to achieve your goals :) Comment on "What Do You Want To Improve On" to request a new topic or a card.
Tips on how not to go extreme with the logic? Meaning like how to know when to stop arguing with yourself when making decisions?
@tayunnie I'll do some research on that for you! I know that the door swings both ways with logic and emotion.
I get that too because you are more comfortable around the people at home, you forget you have to listen and work at that relationship too (at least that’s the case for me too) @MaighdlinS
I'm also a really good listener at work but I sometimes fail at being one at home so that's what I need to work on too.
I think I’m with @MaighdlinS too when it comes to speaking up frankly. it can be really hard!
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