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One Piece Episode 712 (Spoilers!)

Dressrosa is in shambles (literally). Doflamingo and Trebol are brutally beating Law (he has lost his arm to boot). And Luffy is stuck fighting an idiotic, but depressing Bellamy... But this episode deals with two of the most interestingly brutal fighters out there: Dellinger & Hakuda.
It all starts with Gladius. In order to get rid of Cavendish, who is delaying him from attacking Nico Robin, Gladius decides to try to blow the entire place. Because, well why not? As he starts to blow up the entire place, Bartolomeo and Robin are hiding behind Bartolomeo's barriers, while Cavendish is begging to get inside... And here is where the fun starts.
In comes Dellinger, and his crazy kicking with heels. Like dude is crazy. If you don't believe me, check out the second picture. For those of you who are not familiar with Dellinger, he is part Fishman, part cross-dresser, and full-out nut job.
Enter the true maniac of the group...


For those of you who may need a refresher, Hakuda is the bad-ass, psycho alter-ego of Cavendish. Cavendish falls asleep, and Hakuda goes nuts. LITERALLY.
So Hakuda comes in, and Dellinger goes the sh*t beaten out of him. Before he can react, he is cut down dramatically, and brutally.
But just before we start thinking "f*ck yeah!," Hakuda goes absolutely nuts and tries to take out Bartolomeo. And before long, he sets his eyes on Robin who is running up the wall towards the next level. Bartolomeo is panicking, Gladius is scared sh*tless, and Robin does what she does best as she sees this maniacal weirdo coming at her...
She manhandles him. Literally (how is that for badass women @Vinmccarthy?)
I hope you guys enjoyed this review! If you want to discuss the episode, please comment below! I am always looking to nerd out about One Piece, especially Hakuda (in this episode)!
PS, for those of you who want to watch the entire episode => watch here
Robin - senpai is amazing OMI and Bellamy is just- I can't even he is definitely bringing in the feels. And Cheeezus Law got something planned I could see it on his face when he was getting beat up.
@VinMcCarthy she is that sadistic badass friend u wish u sometimes wouldnt have lol
this is why I need to catch up on One Piece! that looks like a totally badass chick!
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