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Let's face it: food is the best thing on the face of the planet.

If eating is your favorite pasttime, trust me – you're not alone. And there's no need to be ashamed – you're in the company of true food lovers!!
When you love food, you know that there is no more perfect bliss in life than the joy of taking a huge bite of your favorite food – greasy, sugary, covered in sauce, and totally terrible for you. NOM NOM NOM.
...Sometimes, the enjoyment strays into almost inappropriate territory.
When your friends can't find you, they know the best place to looks is where the snacks at. They'll find you in the cafeteria, or the kitchen, or the snack bar, or just locked in the pantry surrounded by empty boxes of Teddy Grahams and Cheese-its.
When that steaming, hot plate of food hits the table, ain't nobody can stand between you and your food. NOBODY.
And if somebody tries to take away your food, watch out – things can turn nasty real fast.
Your mom's all like, "You eat too much for a girl!" and "Stuffing yourself like that is unladylike!" You know what, mom? Nobody loves me like pizza loves me. I'd rather be single forever than have to give up that cheesy, hot triangle of deliciousness.

Basically, food is the best thing ever and we're not ashamed to show it!!!

Where my foodies at?! Share this with the other food lovers in your life! :)
@danidee that sounds so yummy too! 😄 I like Indian food a lot if I'm going to be eating another culture's food. I wish I could actually travel there to try it made really authentically...
It's good but I don't like the bread pancake stuff you eat it with! :( @danidee
Have you ever tried Ethiopian though? It's so delicious.
@BluBear07 @marshalledgar ahahaha I agree, chicken is definitely one of the tastiest things ever :) I tried fried chicken when I visited Korea and it was sooooo good there!! Have you ever had Korean style @BluBear07 ?? You would love it 😊
@allischaaff ive never heard of corn pudding before. I love chicken made in just about every way. It's the main reason I stopped being a vegetarian lol. Its just too tasty to give up! 😊
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