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With all my talk on being unique, adventurous and vignette-ready for your wedding, it appears that I have missed one idea that keeps popping up: the cigar bar.
While I am not an advocate of nicotine and smoking in general, you can't help but love this cool idea for Fall.
The cigar bar vignette is a great way to segway from Cake-cutting to the dessert course (and thereafter into the night). This is when your guests have had their fill of food, have well imbibed and had their turn on the dance floor. You'll know it's time to bring out the cigars when the men get rowdy, the suit jackets and vests are slumped in chairs and the girls are on the verge of nixing the high heels.
You'll want to do your research on cigars, however and check with your venue, as many are non-smoking. My advice is to get clearance from your venue coordinator and then meet with a sales representative if you're not quite the cigar aficionado you wish you were. Remember to include variety smokes and vapes.
Another consideration you will have to navigate is unsettling your trying-to-quit-smoking guests. If they see the cigar bar, they may blame you for a relapse!
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