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Alright y'all, along with cheeseburgers being the best thing that ever happened to this planet, cayenne pepper comes pretty close behind that. Cayenne is seriously hot ;) and seriously awesome. Some of you might like hot sauce, I like to make cayenne pepper rain all up on my food. There's more to cayenne than burning the sh*t outta your mouth...

I promise, there's a lot of great things about cayenne pepper. I'll let you in on why cayenne pepper is MAGICAL!

1) It May Burn Calories & Curb Appetite

According to WebMD, cayenne pepper may burn calories and curb appetite. However, this may work more for people who don't normally eat cayenne pepper. For me personally, it does help me eat slowly. The hotter the food, the harder it is to eat very quickly. There's just too much damn heat in every bite! Half a teaspoon of cayenne may help burn you burn an extra 10 calories, of a four-hour period. Cayenne helps with increasing your body temperature and boost your metabolism. I definitely dig this!

2) It Helps With Stuffy Nose

THIS WORKS I PROMISE! Since I do try to avoid the use of medicines when I have a cold, I use my homemade remedies. I do make a very spicy vegetable-based cayenne broth to help clear a stuffy nose. Capsaicin in cayenne pepper is what helps reduces the mucus in your nasal passages. Which of course, makes it easier to breathe!

3) Provides High Levels of Vitamins and Minerals!

In just 100 grams of cayenne pepper, you're provided with:
127% of vitamin-C
97.5% of iron
43% of potassium
1387% of vitamin-A
HOLY MOLY! Now this is what I call a SUPER FOOD!


i just love the way this was written!! i giggled so much at the description and use of language! i love this article! kudos to you @alywoah!! and thank you for the awesome tip!!!
I seriously put cayenne on everything!! my friends don't like me to cook for them.... -_- I love spicy food!
Whoa! I didn't know it helped you burn calories! That's awesome!! Off to eat some spicy fooood hehehe ~~
I cover everything is hot sauce. :P
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