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Well Otakus?
it all started on a dark spooky night when I watched Pokemon on TV but I wasn't really into it but then like years later I would see my brother watching one piece and i was like that looks cool and that's when my life changed for ever and there's no turning back😈😈😈😈😈
I was on YouTube and came across an anime music video ( AMV) not knowing what it meant I watched it and saw clips from Soul Eater. My curiosity got the best of me and I'm glad it did.
I grew up on it, basically. I'd turn on the TV certain days and Inuyasha or Bleach would be on so I would watch it and my liking of anime grew from there. :3 Also I'd see my sister watch certain animes so I would watch them with her. ^^
One of my friends mentioned a tv show called "Attack on Titan", but, to my surprise, it wasn't playing on normal tv in America. My love of show streaming and anime began when humanity recieved it's grim reminder.
pokemon and dragonball doesn't count because to me until I knew the difference it was a cartoon. I visited my uncle often and he watched so one day he is like would you like this complete series I have of this show. [mahoromatic automatic maiden ] so I was like ok I'll watch. I've been a lost little anime fan boy since.
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