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Ouch! Wedding budget time... Trust me, I feel your pain. There's just too much to do and what little money you have budgeted for your happy day seems to be vanishing quicker than the relics of Atlantis.
To get you both, inspired and budget-conscious, here's a cool way to lift hundreds, if not thousands of dollars from the coffers: cocktail trickery.
As you can see in the photo, there are a bunch of different cocktail glasses, filled to the brim with spirits and superbly garnished with flowers. What you don't know, however, is that each of these different crystal glasses and stemware are filled WITH THE SAME DRINK!
Did you get that? Why spend a fortune on a wild cocktail spread when you can fake it with one or two event cocktails. By filling all manner of drinking vessels with the same drink, you give the illusion that there is a hopping cocktail menu, when you and I know the reality. This is going to slash your alcohol budget to next to nothing. This also means you won't need a small army of bartenders. One should do it.
Just don't forget the trick: you need a variety of beautiful drinking vessels to sell this to your guests. Otherwise, the jig is up!
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I think this would work if you had 2 or 3 different drinks that were the same color. But i am all for saving money. My wedding is right around the corner.
Thanks @DaniaChicago That's a good point you bring up about different, but same colored, drinks.
@JillEmerson would you be cool with sharing your advice on what is a good money-saving tip would be regarded alcohol?
All you need to know is...this "money-saving tip" is BS
I am going to have to get some advice from you for the ins and outs of event bartending. I don't have insider information for that aspect of events. @JillEmerson
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