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Thanks @AimeeH for the tag!! Im sorry I'm super late with this screenshot game but I got a new job (yay! For me!) and I had to look for the members names because I'm still getting to know them and it took me a while (if someone's name is wrong please let me know). So this are my results:
Best friend: Dong Woo Crush: Sung Kyung Secret Admirer: L (the only one I know) Takes you on a date: Woohyun Takes you on a dream vacation: Seungyeol Wants you to tour with him: Sunjong Jealous one: Hoya Writes a ballad for you: Sung Kyung Breaks your heart: Seungyeol Married and have kids: Hoya Hopefully I got them right, if not let me know!!
I know this is Got7 but was the only heart I found 😅😅
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