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Very nice. I kind of forgot the title tho. it's been awhile since I've seen it. If I misspelled her name, you know what I meant XD
@shannonl5 you give me too much credit ^-^;; Thank you though and btw this cosplay is crazy O.o
this is pretty dope! great detail in the costume.
@alejaisus I'm actually really behind on Black Butler... so many things to watch and only so little time XD @RosePark has a great series about animes to watch and I always trust his advice ^_^
thank you @shannonl5 I'll make sure I check it out!! :) there just so many animes I wanna watch that I don't even know where to start lol and not much time to see them. I also kind of wanna see the second part of the black butler. the first one was awesome. I love it. any thought on that one??
never really seen it but heard it's awesome. only one I've seen is the avatars :)
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