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Regardless of cultural practice, we've all seen niche bridal trends that included flash tattoos and henna. Circling the web, nowadays, are motif and tribal images that are being painted in gold on the hands, feet, arms and faces of brides.
While it's not quite mainstream, the idea is picking up among women who more closely associate among the avant garde and bespoke spectrum of brides.
The idea behind this comes from a burgeoning awareness that less is more. Compound that with rising wedding costs and a grassroots push to object to consumerism, and you've got the makings of a fad that could show up in more and more wedding album portraits.
The key to pulling off a look that is similar, it's got to be borne of the heart. Meaning, it's best when done out of conviction, rather than something "cool to do too." There should be meaning behind the symbolism because most guests will simply ask, What does that mean? You want to have an answer rather than an embarrassed expression.
Gold can be mixed with a variety of colors that speak to the season and your color scheme.

Would you consider doing this for your look on your wedding?

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Wow. Now that's unique!