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If you're barely alive you'll know that Lethal Weapon is a series of movies that maybe, could have started the "buddy cop" movie formula (I don't really care enough to look it up). And recently it was announced that FOX ordered a pilot for the television adaptation of the (kind of) famous film series.
I really want to care about this. I do but...
I don't care about these movie-to-TV adaptations that have been happening in the past couple of years. Hawaii Five-O was one of the first ones I noticed and even more recently, Minority Report got a TV adaptations, and there's other ones, too. But I really don't care enough about this shit to even list them off.
You ever hear that thing people say about remakes/sequels? It's kind of like that. Maybe we are creatively drained and nothing makes sense anymore but our past, maybe the only things we actually love are the things we grew up with, maybe we don't really know how or why we like the things we like. I don't know. I'm sort of just some asshole on the Internet.
But I don't really know what's so appealing about reliving old stories and old characters. It's nice to think of them, yeah, it's great. But why aren't we investing the same amount of time in making new stories and new characters. Does anyone know? Is it because of money? It's probably money, isn't it?

Anyway, here's another shitty TV show that'll be hitting the small screen soon and if you promise you'll watch it we'll keep getting shitty TV show adaptations of movies.

@ChosenKnight i totally agree with you. i think thats the best way to put it. these shows are sequels we never asked for or wanted
@ChosenKnight these shows to sequels.these people nowadays are becoming devoid of any creativity while shows like Haven and Wayward pines get cancelled to make room for this garbage.
this is so annoying. and Paul was right I comparing