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I came back to my hometown for the Lunar New Year and got a chance to visit the Trang An's Water Caves. The cave formation have apparently been there even before the dinosaurs went extinct. Rowing boats through the darkness to the sound of lapping water was some kind of experience. The World Is Not A Dark Cold Place is an ongoing collection featuring the best in travel inspiration.
wow, that was nice...i enjoyed that boat ride too, very serene and pretty, thanks for sharing...
Do come! Great things await you!
I fully plan on visiting one day. I actually have some in-laws residing there and they've invited us to come visit them. Oh, I would totally eat all the time. :) Wow, a four hour boat ride? That must have been so spectacular, I can't even imagine. Thank you for sharing.
You should come to Vietnam some day. We have great and super cheap food, and even more than amazing nature! This boat ride, in particular, was 4 hour and we went through 9 different water caverns and a couple of Buddhist temples along the way.
How very lovely. Being able to visit such an amazing place must have been a great experience.