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We use them to clean our ears, clean up our makeup and nail polish when we've made a mess, but who knew q-tips could be used for so much more?
You've probably had the same package of q-tips for months now because you don't use them as often as you expect. Well, be prepared for that to change. Your monthly q-tip runs to the drugstore might just turn into weekly trips if you take advantage of these amazing q-tip beauty hacks [seen below].

Shattered Eyeshadow

It's happened to the best of us and we immediately feel like our worlds are crushed. No worries, you can easily fix shattered eyeshadow by mixing the broken eyeshadow with a little bit of alcohol. Use your q-tips to pack the contents together and allow to dry. Good as new.

Conceal A Blemish

We've all waken up with a hideous pimple somewhere on our face. Although we can't snap our fingers and have it disappear, you can take one end of a q-tip and apply concealer onto the blemish -- gently blending away any harshness. Follow up by using the other end to apply a power to ensure that it stays concealed throughout the day.

DIY Nail Polish

Can't seem to find the perfect nail polish shade to fit your mood. You can easily mix a little eyeshadow and clear nail polish together with a q-tip to create a new shade. Apply the color by using the nail polish applicator.

Prevent Cracked Cuticles

Cracked cuticles are the worst and can be rather painful. To prevent this from taking place, use a q-tip to apply Shea Butter to your cuticles to keep your cuticles healthy and hydrated.

Easy Smokey Eye

One makeup technique we all want to master is the smokey eye. Few have mastered this technique and some [including myself] are still struggling. To create a makeshift and easy smokey eye in the meantime, create a thick line using an eyeliner directly above your lashes. Use a q-tip to smudge the liner upwards to create the perfect smokey look.
Now you have a few more reasons to use that huge box of q-tips.

Let the beauty hacking begin.

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These are awesome tips! Another way I like to use q-tips is to clean up my cuticles after painting my nails :) just dip them in a little nail polish remover and rub away the mistakes!