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I'm sitting over here gagging over this (not quite white) wedding cake!
I think we get inundated with this pervasive white wedding cake ideal that has supposedly been the benchmark for "ultimate", "luxury" and "class" in terms of choosing a wedding cake. I'd like to challenge that.
If you've seen the cakes that I love to feature, which you can see here, then you'll know that my taste is all over the map with a preference for the unique. You'll notice that MANY are not white and come in all colors--including black!
The image I decided to show you today is from Cake Ink, out of Australia. It's a two-tier white cake that features blind embossed with lattice-work detailing. Aside from the cake itself, it's been adorned with a grossgrain band and a floral corsage of roses and an anemone.
Gorgeous is just the beginning of how I'd categorize this!
This is how you get your "perfect white cake" without the trappings of exclusive white-on-white cake that people are doing just because, well, they feel like they're supposed to. I say, screw it!, GET THE CAKE THAT YOU WANT, THAT YOU LOVE, THAT YOU CAN ENJOY!