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[OO Day 4] Do you prefer subs or dubs?

Hello Anime Vinglers! Welcome to Day 4 of Otaku October! <3

Today we'll talk about out our preferences for subs vs dubs!

It's a popularly debated topic within the anime fandom~

And I've heard both sides. But I'd like to hear from you all!

Do you prefer subs or dubs? And why?

I prefer subs because I'm so used to watching many foreign TV shows subtitled~
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2 years ago·Reply
Actually, I like both. Some dubs I dislike, some subs I dislike. And a lot I like in both. It just depends on the Anime and how good the VA are with the characters.
2 years ago·Reply
Depends on how I'm feeling and if the dub is good or not (some dubs can lack emotion because of not having the availability of the creator of the anime, to directly say "this is how it was meant to be said") But on the other hand some dubs are actually really funny because since your a native speaker the jokes click quickly and everything is like "boom, boom, boom" Subs aren't a problem for me though because they do have their advantages. I'm a person who has no preference really, I think both are good
2 years ago·Reply
depends on the anime and the voice actors
2 years ago·Reply
I prefer sub just because I usually don't like the voice actors for dub but I do prefer some in dub, for instance I preferred watching D-Frag in Dub.
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