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I'm sensing some bridal bouquet glamour in this Celios Design.
Can you see the handle? It may be out of focus, but you can clearly see the glint of silver and crystal magic happening on that handle!
I wanted to bring this beautiful pink peony bouquet design to your attention because, while you could spend a small fortune on getting this custom-designed from a florist, you could fake it with artificial flowers and some glittering findings from your local craft store.
Remember, I am in your corner: SAVE MONEY WHERE YOU CAN! No one should enter married life with a SIXTY-THOUSAND DOLLAR DEFICIT!
One of my favorite places to go for artificial flowers (and foliage) is Aldik, which is in the LA Valley. If you've been there, then you understand my affection. If you have not been there, then you need to go. Whereas most hobby store flowers all look the same in every bucket, you won't find that at Aldik and other high end faux floristry. For every bucket of flower, each stem in the bucket is completely different. That means, the shade of color isn't the same, the length isn't the same and the actual shape of the bloom isn't the same. Besides being some of the best quality blooms I have ever come across, you'd swear these were freshly cut from the growers!
For the nostalgic bride, this is a great way to keep your bouquet forever.
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