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I can't imagine anything more terrifying than waking up abruptly and immediately having to swim. The otter struggle is REAL.
My, soon to be separated husband, will straight up talk out loud. I was always trying to catch him in some kind of cheating. Fortunately/Unfortunately it was always something about work. Now that he's moving out, I really wonder what I missed! 馃槨
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That guy was a jerk, poor little thing was just trying to take a nap in the warm sun.
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@Amye1 Oh god. I don't envy him. Work dreams are the worst. Congrats on moving forward with what's hopefully best for you btw. I can't imagine separations are easy, but I do believe sometimes they're very vital for your wellbeing.
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@nicolejb I just pictured you as an incoherently mumbling otter.
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