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How to Be Big Bang for Halloween

Mainly, just look ridiculous but also really cool at the same time. That's Big Bang for you.


1. Fake Tattoos (Make your own HERE)
2. Crazy colored hair (Do it HERE)
3. Probably a giant fur coat
5. Jeans that are mostly ripped


1. Comfy sweater
2. Hot chocolate
3. Fluffy hair
4. Huge smile
5. Let's be real, Daesung isn't going to go trick or treating...


1. No shirt
2. Abs (Get them HERE)
3. Sweat
4. Soulful look on your face
5. Eye smile


1. Suit
2. Ridiculous hat
3. Some kind of weird chair to sit in
4. Toys to play with


Enough said.
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lol "Abs (get them here) 馃槀馃槀 Also GD tattoo near his belly button is cute
@Shawollete The Vingle Kpop community could actually make it a thing!!! I mean, it doesn't have to be just Big Bang... But we could all post pictures of what we did to "dress up" like a Kpop star. And trust me, no faces have to be shown (for identity safety purposes, just the costume.) Anyway, I think I'll try G-Dragon. He's been my bias for a while. I actually found G-Dragon before I found Big Bang.....
lol seungri!!! But now im thinking of either T.O.P or GD for Halloween. I do have long hair so maybe GD