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Alright I got tagged to do this by @nicolejb. Here are my results for the questions.
1. Move Bi* Get Out The Way by: Ludacris
2. Ridin' Dirty by:Chamillionaire featuring Krazyie Bone
3. The Baddest Female by: CL
4. Blitzkrieg Bop by: The Ramones
5. Highway To Hell by: AC/DC
Alright so these are the five songs that I drive fast and furious to. @shannonl5 @buddyesd @poojas @danidee @VinMcCarthy What are the 5 Songs you drive fast and furious to?
@danidee I know I have it on my phone XD @nicolejb No problem it was pretty fun narrowing it down. ^^
@nicolejb Ooh we should do that with running or exercising!
ahhh yay! thanks for doing this! :D AC/DC is a perfect classic for driving. And I like your other picks too. I think all of the driving playlist could also apply to biking or running fast too. haha so if you want to commute that way ;) @shannonl5
CL THO. I would totally drive hard to CL hahaha.
Yes! I’m always in need of more running/pump up jams :)
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