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Meet shampoos half sister pre-poo.

You've probably never heard much about pre-poo and if you have, it's been rather recent. Shampooers get hip because pre-pooing is the new hair technique you will want to try out for yourself. Pre-poo or better known as [pre-shampooing your hair] is when you apply oils and/or conditioner to your hair before shampooing your hair.
The idea of the pre-poo routine is to give your hair the nutrition and attention it needs before going forth with your normal shampoo routine. If you're longing for healthier, long hair this treatment is one that you probably don't want to miss out on. Keep scrolling to get all the details and steps needed to create healthy hair.

Step One:

Grab your favorite oils and conditioners. Combine them together in a bowl. Gather all your products including a shower cap, spray bottle of water and denman brush [use wide tooth comb in place of denman].

Step Two:

Take fingers and section hair into two parts down the middle or four parts depending on length of hair.

Step Three:

Take first section and section off into smaller sections. Take spray water bottle getting your hair damp and begin to detangle sections with your fingers.

Step Four:

Take mixture and apply to sections of hair making sure you thoroughly massage it through your hair. Twist up sections after applying conditioner and oil mixture.

Step Five:

Sit under heated cap or portable dryer for up to half an hour. Shampoo as regular.

Your hair will love you as much as you love your hair.

Remember, pre-poo runs thangs.
Gold n Hot Conditioning Heat Cap @TerrecaRiley
yes, def! they come in handy @TerrecaRiley
@jordanhamilton that's the only dryer that I thought about.Still no access
maybe if you use a hand dryer and do it like that lol @TerrecaRiley
@jordanhamilton I'm brain storming cause I think so too
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