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A ton of our Vinglers went to the LA Big Bang shows this weekend and have some awesome stories to share!

If you went and haven't posted about it yet, share your stories in the comments and be sure to check out all the cards included here :D
And for the VIPs who havent gone to their show yet....GOOD LUCK LOL

Pre-Show Selcas

This is @carolinacastane and her sister on their way to the show. I feel like we deserve an "after show" picture too LOL! Check out the card >here<

Lost in LA

Have you ever gotten lost in LA only to stumble across Big Bang? No? Well @AuraKyoshiro did. Check out their story >here<

Set List Anyone?

Someone go console @solodaywithB1A4 LOL! The feels are real on her card >here<


Here is @loftonc16 having a great time with fellow VIPs! Check out her story and pictures >here<


The day of felt like it would never end for @lv22. Anyone else felt like the day lasted forever? Check it out >here<


@giselacampos14 got some pictures of the show and it looks like Big Bang covered the crowd in glitter. Also bias lists were wrecked...probably not for the last time LOL. Check them out >here<


It took @TMinusEleven EIGHT HOURS to get to the show...who traveled the furthest?! Check out the card >here<


The day of the show, @yehet27 was still having serious problems believing it was real life. Anyone else go through that? Check out the card >here<

Vingle Friends and Selcas!

@VixenVivi and @KutieKiki in line for the show! Check out their post >here<!!!


@month91 is here to supply you with your very own Fan Cam! Check it out >here<


@Blanca97 has pictures for you guys too! Check out TOP >here<

LA Update!

@felicityclaire is recovering so we need to be there for her!!! Ask her all about it >here<

Anaheim Guide

Before the show, @Tigerlily84 made a guide to help you out! Check it out >here<
If you haven't gone to your show yet, check out @SkullBunneh's card >here< about the NJ date or this card >here< about all the dates!!!


If you have a fan account I didnt mention, tag me in the comments and I'll add it to this card!
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I meant for that to be longer and more meaningful, but you get the idea.
2 years ago·Reply
I went to their show in Vegas! It was so awesome! My heart is still very excited every time I watch my videos that I got of them. ^_^
2 years ago·Reply
yas 101st like! I will update you after Sunday!
2 years ago·Reply
I had to fly from Nebraska to LA. Stupid weather in Denver made me miss both my connecting flight, and the last flight to LAX that night. I got lucky with resale tickets to their Anaheim show! Thank you, Financial Aid refund! Even though my parents wished I would have spent it on a car for myself. x) I even bought souvenirs for my kpop friends who couldn't afford to go. :/ The concert was so awesome!! x) It feels like a dream. T.T
2 years ago·Reply
Also, am I the only one that listened to their request not taking pictures during the concert?? O.o
2 years ago·Reply