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Thanks, Mom. Sorry I just turned into a demon. It's just because you're the best cook in the world! *can no longer speak because mouth is so full*
My mom used to make warek dawali aka meat and rice stuffed grapeleaves. So delicious.
@InPlainSight She did! They're one of those foods that require a fair amount of handwork (aka rolling) so we used to help her a lot growing up. I actually made an arabic food collection here with my grandma's recipes A) so people could make traditional arabic food and B) so i don't have to dig through our cabinet of recipe books whenever I want to cook something from it lol. I can just find it on my phone.
my mom's fried dumplings/johnny cakes...I can never get mine to look or taste like hers but I hope to get there soon
@TerrecaRiley yep, I keep trying! Mine is still really good. I can just taste something missing!
@ButterflyBlu oh man!I guess we'll never get it like them but we'll just keep trying!@danidee please make warek dawali for me one day
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