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Potato or potato. Relationship or well, relationship.

Growing up I was so fixated on the idea of having a title. Being able to call someone my boyfriend and they call me their girlfriend, but as I got older I learned that titles mean absolutely nothing. Whether you've been together for a couple weeks or a couple years, there are certain things your significant other should know about you before you take things a step further.
Why be in a relationship with someone if you don't know their birthday, how many siblings they have or what their favorite color is? These questions may all be basic, but they are questions that deserve answers. It's okay to ask questions, that's expected. If you're in a relationship and don't have the answer for at least half of the questions [seen below], maybe you should reconsider your priorities and your so called "title".

When is your birthday?

I mean Biggie said, "birthday's was the worst days", but they don't have to be. Know your significant others birthday. That is a must.

When was your last relationship?

It's personal. Yeah, but so what? If you plan on pursuing a relationship or already are pursuing one another this question deserves an answer. Keep it real.

Do you have any siblings?

Not that you plan on being an in-law any time soon, but I mean it is good to know.

What's your favorite food?

Don't just assume that he is going to say pizza just because that happens to be your own. You don't want to meet up for a date at a chicken restaurant and your significant other doesn't even eat meat. Find that out.

What's your favorite movie?

Because we all love Love Jones and Home Alone 2, right? Not even close.

Where do you work?

Not because we want to stalk you throughout the week, but because this is extremely important. Nobody wants to be dating a Tommy Payne [Martin reference].

What are your long term goals?

Because we have all dated that one person who had absolutely no goals whatsoever.

Who is your favorite musician?

It's always a plus when your taste in music is similar.

What's something that you're working on within yourself?

We are all flawed. No one is exempt, no matter how perfect they seem.

What exactly are you looking for? Are you dating with a purpose?

This question is the ultimate deal breaker. Dating without a purpose is pointless. If you don't have an end goal, you're not dating. You're simply kickin' it.

Don't be shy. Ask away.

The sooner you know, the better.
Biggie, Martin, & Love Jones??? Yaaaaassssss!!!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
lol I feel the same way! it's always better to know @TerrecaRiley
I strongly believe in asking away.That way you know exactly what you're getting into.That moment you get resistance,you know there are things being hidden from you.RUN!
you know it! gotta represent haha @Kamiamon