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Hey fellow health nuts! :)
So my friend posed this question to me the other day, and I thought it was soooo hard to answer. I mean, what would you pick?

If you could only do one form of exercise for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Would you pick something fun, like swimming? Or something that's amazing for total health and a great stress reliever, like running? If you're into bodybuilding, would you choose weightlifting or cardio? It's really a tough choice!

What type of exercise would you choose??

That's simple. I'm already doing it... cycling. And I don't mean on a stationary bike; road cycling. Road cycling tests balance which works numerous muscle groups that stationary cycling does not. Road cycling also requires that you pay attention and it helps improve reflexes and hand eye coordination. Lastly, road cycling has interval training automatically built in. I ride with s heart monitor and when you look at the starts and stops due to traffic signals and general auto traffic... those little 2 -3 minute stops are quite effective. I ride 7 days a week; as few as 10 miles and as far as 75. I'm averaging 200 miles/week. I am the only male in my family that is not overweight. I'm the only male in my family that is not on blood pressure medication. And I am the only male in my family that doesn't have high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and sleep apnea. Cycling is the glue that holds me together.
@TessStevens I might be with you girl... but then again, I would miss swimming in the ocean so much in the summer :(
Even though I hate running, id probably pick it because it has so many all over body benefits.
Weight lifting for sure!
@allischaaff swimming is so fun! I love it. Also...paddle boating. It looks so funny but is actually a really nice low-impact workout