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So, I've been saying I would do the thing for a couple of days now and I finally have it. I did the screenshots like two days ago but here is everything! Also, I have not seen the result yet so yeah. Let's do this thing.
Label: Cube Entertainment Members: 8 Position: Rapper (I suck at rapping.) Group Collab: Super Junior Years Together: 15 Solo: Nope (I told y'all I sucked at rapping.)
Stage Name? Coreyy. Idol Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Suga. Role in Group? The Intimidating Mother. Special Skill? Strongest, Aegyo, High I.Q. Hair Color? Black; Dyed various colours. Fan club Name? F8s (My personal fanclub is the Cinnabuns.) What would your group be called? Figure8.
This is literally my fans about me, lol. Anywho, I'm not even gonna attempt a story. I wouldn't know what to say. @xoxoaudra98 @MorganElisabeth @AimeeH @AmbieB Tag your friends if you want.
@KpopGaby that is a good one too
Your fandom name should be cinnabuns, cuz they'll be sweet and too beautiful for this world
@MorganElisabeth you'd better. But like it's funny cause I really am an intimidating mother figure but at the same time when we're close I'm just the cutest. I would do all the aegyo.
Intimidating mother hahaha sO TRUE. I'd fangirl over you and download all ur albums. ;)
That's even better! @ChelseaJay
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