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This Week's Groups For the Screenshot Game: 💖
This week will Consist of Monsta X! Thank you @tayunnie for the suggestion!
B.A.P is being Featured as well, since their comeback is soon I believe? Okay! so they will be this week's as well! Credit goes to: @panouvang123 @oatakukpopgirl
BTOB: Yay! Credit goes to: @baileykayleen @panouvang123 @tayunnie@Baekyeol27
I will start the uploads on Tues!! If you want to request a certain group that isn't on the list, let me know in the comments! I'll add them!!
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what app is that you use? cause i need it. also are you doing girl groups as well cause I'd like to try ny hand luck at EXID, 4MINUTE and Girl's Day. Also, I think I want to make my own SNSD one to see how I do.
@ChelseaJay You can do girl groups! I haven't done any!! I use make a gif.com