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I have been waiting and it has come :D Go check out @AimeeH 's screenshot games. WOOOO! LEGO
Hyukie= BFF, Crush, Boyfriend, Marry and start a Family. ( You TROLL, but I still <3 you) Ravi boi = Cooks me Dinner (Hm, hopefully it's Kimchi with ramen seasoning [VIXX Tv reference >:3]) Bby Hakyeon (N)= Takes me on vacation (Best vacation everrr!!!) Kenjumma= Confesses to me. (AHH, I WISH) Cutie Hongbin = Takes me on tour (:D, we get to breathe the same air :3), Jealous one (:000000)
I didn't get any Leo D: I STILL LOVE YOU TAEKWOON!!
BUT EVEN THOUGH NO BBY TAEKWOON.... Im still happy with my results, and APPARENTLY Hyuk likes to troll >:P ---------------------------------------------------------------------- CYA :D
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