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I'm joining this late, but thank you all for having me! @kpopandkimchi Strangely enough my team is all men, but then again that's what I surround myself with in daily life. Here we go:
The Muscle - Kyungil There should be no question why I chose him. the pictures tell it all.
The Brains - Rap Monster His I.Q. tells it all tbh.
The Scaredy Cat - Taemin If you've seen his reaction to bugs then you know why I chose him. He'd probably react the same way with Zombies involved.
The Secret Weapon - Z.Tao Have you seen him with a sword? Gotdamn, gotdamn, GOTDAMN!
The Protector/Mother - JB I'm probably biased with this one but overall I think he's a good choice.
The Co Captain - Leeteuk If he could control Super Junior all these years then he can help control our team. I trust him to make the right decision when I can't.
You have some good choices. I didn't even think about Taemin as the scary cat, only Onew and Key.
@JaxomB yeah it was between Taemin, J-Hope and Z.Tao and since i didn't want repeat group members Hobi got crossed off then Tao was secret weapon so that left Tae.
@ChelseaJay I didn't want to repeat groups either and I already had Minho down. Plus Onew Condition worried me a My scaredy cat is Jinyoung from B1A4
@JaxomB haven't checked them out yet but they're on my list.