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Best Friend: Jaehwan ( He's precious. I'll take this gladly. ) Crush: Jaehwan ( Mine always start out like this. best friends and also crushes. Why me. ) Admirer: Hongbin ( I believe it's him at least! & This is cute. What a cutie you are. ) Cooks Me Dinner: Sanghyuk ( Fitting. Isn't he a good cook? Or is that Hongbin? Hmmm. ) Vacation Buddy: Sanghyuk ( He WOULD. What a leader. I love him so much. ) Confesses: Hakyeon ( O. Well this vacation could either be so romantic or reeeally awkward. ) Takes Me On Tour: Hongbin ( Of course he would. What a babe! Hope the tension with Jaehwan and Haykeon are alright. ) Boyfriend: Taekwoon ( AAAND LEO COMES IN FOR THE STEAL. I am weak for him, after all. ) Jealous One: Hongbin ( Only makes sense, alright. Can't blame him. ) Married With Kids: Hakyeon ( Hmm. Guess that vacation was special enough to keep us together. Sorry Leo. You were beautiful while I had you. ) @ChelseaJay you have to do this now. I loved it so much. I SHOULD MAKE A SEVENTEEN ONE. I WANT TO SO BAD.
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@MorganElisabeth @ChelseaJay XD I'll get on it and upload it Saturday! XD I'm not quite familiar with them just yet... so Would yall be willing to help on that one?
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@AimeeH I would be SO DOWN for it.
2 years ago·Reply
@MorganElisabeth Doneskis yall are my co-captains on that one!
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@ChelseaJay @MorganElisabeth alrighty then! With both of you helping, it should be smooth sailing!
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