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So this A6P nonsense got me thinking about how important it is to see members' faces. So my question is:

Would you rather never get to watch music videos from your fav group, or have them all wearing masks the whole time?

Leave your answers below!

1. No music videos
2. No faces
No faces wouldnt be all that bad because it would give people the chance to get to know the group member for their individual talents rather than just basing their interest on looks alone, like soo many people in the Kpop community do. I vote no faces. I love MVs!
I'll go with no faces... So we can see their true talent without, y'know, fangirling over how hot they look while doing high notes.... *cough Kyungsoo cough*
2. We see the real talent with no faces but I still perfer to see their faces.
Too hard of a question to answer 😭😭
No faces. I like them for their music and talent not for their looks
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