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What list of badass women could be complete without this woman, one of the more iconic femal characters in popular anime nowadays.
She demands respect, she takes no prisoners, she is not afraid of a daunting fight. It's...

Erza Scarlet

Erza is the queen badass of the mage guild Fairy Tail. She is an S-Class mage, and her power basically radiates off of her.

Her power is the power of Requip, which allows her to swap out between dozens (hundreds?) of different armors, all of which have distinct strengths and abilities.

She is mostly a hand-to-hand/weapon fighter, though that doesn't mean that some of her armors don't let her bust out some crazy strong magics.

Though she's mostly very serious, she can still be a total cutie and relax at times with her closest friends, her nakama. Fairy Tail are the people she loves most.

That's Erza! At least in part. She's too badass for one card to do justice. I know damn well that there are Erza fans in the anime community. Eh Otakus and Brotakus? What's the opinion?

most of the women in Fairy Tail are deserving of this spot XD
Erza is the best. But do not steal her cake. You will die.
Bro you already know erza is the girl you'd marry
im a fan! 馃槏馃槏
@BlueStar2222 you'd have to fight me for her, yo!
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