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BTS 30 Day challenge.

So hi guys, I'm new. I haven't posted but have been around for awhile. I decided to do this challenge that I found. I know I'm a bit late but..I'll make up for it. So...
Day 1 :: Why I love BTS. BTS is one of many groups me and my sister had found while searching for kpop songs to like. She found majority and she also claimed a bunch. I actually found BTS on my own and listened to 'War of Hormone' and Instantly, I smiled. Something about each members attitude and sass in the video just made it all better.
Day 2 :: Favorite BTS Song? My favorite song has to be between I need u and Dope. Listening to I need u lyrics, (both English and Korean) I can understand the meaning behind it and what the song is representing.
Day 3 :: Favorite BTS Music Video? I think N.O was my favorite. Not only the way it represents how schools mindlessly can treat students as if we were all one and the same but how they chose to change it by going against them.
Day 4 :: My Bias and why? Oh god. I can't really describe why Namjoon, or Rap Monster is my Bias but I just know that out of all the groups, I chose him. His smile, dimples, laugh,'s all great. He is definitely a godly rapper and not too bad of a dancer. I just love him.
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