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I'd greatly prefer this instead haha You can get sex anywhere, but you can't always get a partner who can cook well! I suppose I should also say that I'm "bi"sexual. Buy me food, and I get sexual. Haha ;D
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YOOOOOOOOOOO chilaquiles are bomb tho.
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Oh yes. What a dream... Seriously. I'm sure I've dreamed of a man cooking for me. Lol
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Hahahaha I wish this were my life right now!!! @Arellano1052, what are the secrets to finding a man who can cook? :( lol
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@allischaaff I don't know haha I think they're hiding with all the women who can cook! 😒
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@ButterflyBlu I think every woman has lol As a friend once told me, "There's nothing sexier than waking up and walking onto your kitchen to see a shirtless man making you breakfast after a great night of... *This word has been removed for the sake of underaged viewers*" lol
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