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You tell me Marvelers...

We all had so much fun with last week's mad lib I thought I'd do another one! If you've never played a Mad Lib game before, here's how it works:

I have a story with a bunch of blanks you need to fill in. I'll give you a list of words that I need, and you'll leave them in the comments! I'll share the story when we're done.

I don't want to give much away, but this story features Spider-Man and Deadpool!

Here's what this story needs:

1. adjective
2. drink
3. -ing verb
4. body part
5. food
6. animal
7. noun
8. noun
9. weapon
10. object
11. -ing verb.
12. past tense verb
13. movie title
14. alcoholic drink
15. adjective
16. adjective
17. body part
18. body part
19. past tense verb
20. body part
You can fill in just one, or all of them! I'll pick the best ones and plug them into the story!
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@raenel lol these are great
2 years ago·Reply
1: red 2:milk 3:jumping 4:butt 5:hamburger 6:spider 7:twin towers 8:New York 9:string 10:books 11:shooting 12:arrived 13:Highschool Musical 14: vodka 15:blue 16:huge 17:triceps 18:calves 19:licked 20:tongue
2 years ago·Reply
@chris98vamg ahahaha these are all gonna be so funny!!
2 years ago·Reply
omg, high school musical!!!
2 years ago·Reply
I had to think what kind similarities they had together! Some of them I just thought of whatever came up in my head. Like the body parts!lol!@shannonl5
2 years ago·Reply