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I've never lived in the same place for a long time, and have had to get creative with decorating. Temporary tricks like using faux wallpaper can transform a space, but so can the accessories in it.
Here are a few super fun throw pillows that can totally transform your temporary dwelling. Trust me, adding some sass to your daily life will make you feel way more at home.

Throw this cookie on your couch or bed for all the fun but none of the calories.

Or show your pride for your favorite actor. This BILL MURRAY pillow would totally end up on my couch.

If you're more of an ice-cream person there's this pillow.

And if you like to host movie nights, this popcorn pillow will complete the atmosphere.

For all you carnivores, this pillow will do.

If you're more bitchy than Barbie, this pillow is going to show your "vibrant" personality.

There's always the ever-popular emoji themed pillows.

Music lovers can show their interest with this adorable mix-tape pillow.

This water color pillow is cute, sassy and classy.

A pop of color never hurts.

This one is perfect for people who need a little comfort (AKA Game of Thrones Fans).

These pillows can be found on and

Which one is your fav?

Hahahahaha omg I love the one of GoT fans too @Luci546 Very necessary :,,,,( waahhhh lol. These would all be PERFECT for a dorm room. I'm sad I never thought of that when I was in college!! Luci, I always put up lots of fun posters and disposable film camera pictures of my friends from back home :) wall stickers can be cool, too.
Very cute and creative. Too much food pillows make me hungry though e.e
oh my gosh, I love this :DD in about a year, I'll be living at university in a dorm and I've always wondered "how the hell do I make a small blank space vibrant and suitable to study within so I keep my spirit up when I'm having trouble making friends" and here it is! I love the buttons and emoticons pillows! if I got the food pillows, I'd probably try and eat it in my sleep LOL. I love all the vibrant colors like the "meh" pillow and I broke out laughing when I saw the pillow for when a fictional character dies XDD I NEED THAT, AS A BOOKWORM AND DRAMA SHOW FAN.
@allischaaff thanks for the advice! :3 I love color and pictures and stickers would really help a lot