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Okay... So, I've kind of been out of it lately. I would explain, but I'm just stupid and do stupid things because I have issues. I haven't really been commenting or posting or participating like I was at first and I've kind of dropped behind the ball on everything. eck. *bangs my head into a wall a few times* But, I'm going to try to participate again and get my head out of the sand. This shall be the first thing I return with. Yay! I intend to go after @AimeeH's VIXX screenshot game because, yes. e u e I was tagged for this by @ChelseaJay. Thank you, because this looks like fun! For the original card, please see @xoxoaudra98's card here.

My Results.

Label: YG Entertainent Members: 5 Your Role: Lead Rapper Your Group Collaboration: U-Kiss Years Together: 9 Do you go solo?: Yes ...I like these results. A lot. I was hoping for SHINee or Big Bang since I don't know much about U-Kiss, but working with them may be fun. ^^

The Extras.

1. Stage Name? A.I. 2. Idol Boyfriend/Girlfriend? ...I really want to date Ilhoon at some point in my life. Or Taekwoon... I love you Daesung. And J.R... Help me... 3. Role in Group? 4D, Quiet, The most forgotten member 4. Special Skill? Secretly Intelligent/High IQ, Drawing, Collaborating with other members to pull pranks on other members. 5. Hair Color? Ash white/Snow White so I could have rainbow colors. 6. Fan club Name? Aliens/E.T.s Bonus: What would your group be called? Planet X.


I was considering doing storytime, but I don't know. I doubt anyone really cares. Lol PS. I have been actuallt considering auditioning for YG for a long while. Lol Is this a sign? xD
yeah I do, even if you don't get in you can always say you tried to follow your dream.
yes, audition. do the damn thing.
XD I love this!
@ChelseaJay Ah, that's very true! ^^
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