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I am kind of new to cosplay, and I'm very new to Vingle. If there is anyone who lives in Texas that wants a friend to cosplay with let me know! I currently have an Asuna costume from SAO but I haven't worn it yet because I don't have an event to go to. I hope to find a group or event soon! ALL people are welcome to message me. :)
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I don't think she's from Texas but I know @hikaymmm is super into cosplay
I'm kind of apart of a cosplay group but we're all the way in nyc lol
I live in MD right now, all though my dad's in the military and because if that I might be moving to Texas. If i do end up moving there (if it's anywhere near you) I would LOVE to cosplay together (I also have an asuna cosplay do that could be cool hah)
I don't live in Texas (though my dad used to!) but I'm still down to talk about cosplay pretty much anytime always XD
I don't live there, but I'm always down to talk about cosplay xD