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@VinMcCarthy told me to do this so.... yeah haha...you need to answer five questions in gif form the questions being 1. what was the first anime you have ever watched 2. what was the first anime/manga you have ever finished 3. who is your favorite female character 4. who is your favorite male character 5. what is you most watched anime recently
So my first anime was Inuyasha I still like to watch it but I don't watch it as much..
the first manga I finished reading was fruits basket I just started watching the actual anime heheh
my favorite female character is Orihime from Bleach
my favorite male is the Undertaker from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji
And last but not least the anime I watch most recently is Black Butler/ Kuroshitsuji
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@Juvia13 I'm afraid I can't eheh
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yeah, I'm engaged anyway...
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my point so am I heheh
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Undertaker is life. And lol Sebastian's face!!
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I luv her 2
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