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Let the games begin...

Thanks, again, to @AimeeH for tagging me. I admittedly have an addiction to these. No shame. If you want to see the original card, click here.

My Results.

Best Friend: Wonshik Crush: Wonshik Secret Admirer: Hongbin Cooks You Dinner: Hakyeon Takes You on Vacation: Taekwoon Confesses to You: Taekwoon Takes You on Tour: Hongbin Jealous One: Sanghyuk Boyfriend: Taekwoon Marry & Start A Family: Wonshik Leo-biased...I was so close to having a clean sweep. Darn you, Ravi! Side note: My sister used to tell me she wanted me to marry Ravi for some reason. Lol


(BEWARE: I got way too carried away. Read at your own risk. xD)

Wonshik and I had easily been close from the start. Being the same age and being in the same class repeatedly when I moved to the country had made that all too easy. He'd always been willing to show me around and I welcomed it, and his broken English. As we got older, he helped me with my Korean and I helped him with his English. It wasn't hard considering we spent a lot of time together anyway. That also made it easy for him to become my first real crush. Sometimes, it really is just that close guy friend that sweeps you off your feet without trying. He didn't tell me, but I ended up finding out that he was to join VIXX, after it was already official. I was admittedly kind of hurt because he didn't think to tell me, but I didn't hold it against him. Besides, he made it up to me by bringing me to the building to watch them practice. It wasn't too long after my first visit, that I started getting little cards and trinkets here and there. Whoever was sending them had never left their name or anything on them. When I asked about them, the members always looked in Hongbin's direction. Whether it really was him or not, he would just smile shyly and let the topic go or change it himself. Somewhere along the way, Hakyeon had gotten the feeling that I was avoiding him, or at least that's what Ravi, as he requested me to call him, had told me. I couldn't understand why. Sure, I spent more time with Ravi because we were close. I could easily spend time with Hongbin because we could sit in silence together or play some game together or anything really and just enjoy each other's company. I actually had the feeling that all the other members hated me. I was still trying to understand if Jaehwan actually hated me or if he was consciously avoiding me. I would say unconsciously, but I feel like something about me got under his skin. Not thinking, I'd told Ravi that and Hakyeon decided to make me a dinner to cheer me up. All the members ate with me and reassured me that I wasn't hated for any reason, even Jaehwan. It gave me that warm, "I'm not alone after all" kind of feeling. After the dinner, Taekwoon helped me wash the dishes. I'd lost rock-paper-scissors. He didn't want to play and just offered to help, which I most graciously accepted. We began asking each other little questions to help pass the time and I learned that he was going to be an uncle soon, something he was really looking forward to. He asked me if I could go with him, sort of like a getaway or vacation, to go see his family. I wasn't sure why he asked me over his members but I was honored, leaving me to accept the offer. We hadn't exactly snuck away, but we hadn't really made it obvious what we were up to either. I'd been spending less time around their dorm and more time at work and at home packing, making sure I had things in order for when we left, just so there wouldn't be any mixups. I'd also gotten work for my online schooling done far ahead of time just for the trip. We weren't traveling very far, but we were going far away enough and it would just be the two of us when we weren't around his family. I hadn't considered Taekwoon as much more than a friend before but I had begun to feel myself getting nervous around him at the thought of just us traveling together. The butterflies escalated close to the end of our trip when Taekwoon worked up the courage to confess to me. Returning from our trip, Hongbin was pretty much the first one to greet me and invite me to go on tour, something Taekwoon hadn't brought up on the trip. I learned later that he was going to tell me about it. Let's just say, he was kind of hurt and upset that he didn't get to ask me first. Thankfully, they were all going together and so it wouldn't be like I was betrayed him or something. We were some weird line between friends and boyfriend and girlfriend at the time, so saying "betraying" seems a bit much. I was just confused as to where we stood so I didn't want to cross any lines, although I'd accepted without thinking anyway. By the time tour time came around, Taekwoon and I were an official couple. Those butterflies I got around him were no joke, from the times he'd hold my hand and let me lay my head on his shoulder to getting to watch them perform live and watch them with the fans. That was my boyfriend and I was proud. I got lost in school work and work once the tour was over. I wasn't really allotted anytime to spend with Taekwoon or the guys. It hurt me. I hasn't realized how close we were until I didn't get to spend time with them. I'd begun to really feel alone without my boyfriend or my friends. They were just as busy, if not busier than I was. Then, it happened. Taekwoon told me that we should break up. I didn't want to believe him since we'd been so happy. Part of me could tell there was so much more as to why he thought we should split, but the other half of me couldn't do anything but try to act like it didn't hurt, even though it most definitely hurt. Ravi became my best friend to the rescue. Every time he hugged me though or tried to comfort me with words or something, I felt like there was more to it. Like he knew something I didn't. "Beautiful Liar" was released not too long after. It had hurt to hear the lyrics because they struck deep. It made it worse because Taekwoon was actually singing it. I don't know if Ravi was trying to help or not, but he ended up telling me that he wrote it from Taekwoon’s point of view. All along, those lyrics were how he had really felt, as if he was holding me back or something. I couldn't help but to cry more for a long while after that. I didn't have any ill feelings toward Taekwoon, so I didn't have to avoid him. I did end up crying a lot after seeing him. Ravi was, again, always there to comfort me however he could, trying to reassure me that there wasn't anything really wrong with me or Taekwoon. Something just kind of turned into an error in the coding. Ravi couldn't take it anymore after a while. After convincing me that he would never hurt me, I gave him a chance. Taekwoon and the rest of the boys were extremely happy to see us together. So much so that marriage was always a joke until, one day, Ravi actually popped the question in the midst of the jokes. I didn't think it would happen to me in real life, since it seemed to fairytale... I ended up marrying my best friend and crush from when I was younger and we happily started a loving family together. I wrote a lot...It took me a long time. orz
@AimeeH It all works out. xD
@AmbieB yes! I'm so addicted to make them XD
@AimeeH I believe you. the game itself is fun. Storytime makes it even more fun. ^^
@AimeeH Aw, I'm glad. XD It's all about having fun reading it. Lol
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