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Yes they are definitely ruining me.......
Especially this one......I just can't get enough of him!!!!!
Well now I'm interested! 馃槷
I know this was made last month but I would just like to add how freaking excited I got when I saw that Yaho and I have the same birthday 馃槅 I'm such a spaz
@glostick LOOK UP B.A.P.! THEY ARE THE BEST ABSOLUTE PERFECT! 馃槺 Like really...that's what B.A.P. stands for! I love Up10tion too! "Nice legs" I have to look into that! 馃憣
@Exoexo I've heard Seventeen and EXO but not B.A.P. Oh and I am also a HUGE fan of Up10tion!!!!! Those are my guys right there!!!! OMG I just found out that my bias of A6P (Yaho) is actually the maknae of the group but he is also the tallest and has amazing legs!!!!
@glostick Same boat! You have a good start! You need B.A.P. too! They're about to have a comeback and I might just die! Also, Seventeen = wonderful! They write and choreograph their own songs and dances! OMG! You need EXO in your life too!!!
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