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An Awkward Moment From This Weekend
I was at a pizza place with two of my guy friends, and when I ordered a Coke, the server put two straws in my glass instead of one because they thought at least one of them must be the boyfriend I was going to share with. Nope. The only commitment going on involves the $2 I'm spending on this soda.


Has something like this ever happened to you guys?

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@danidee @Arellano1052 I've had this conversation with my brother. I think that some "taken" guys come across as happy and not desperate. (Because let's be honest, some single guys exude this desperation that women don't like.) Other times, you're just dealing with immature girls who look and see a committed man as a challenge or a trophy that they have to win. >.<
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@ButterflyBlu That's true too.
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@danidee people keep saying that we look alike.Gonna make a card about it
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@TerrecaRiley Yessss tag me in it!
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ok.will do
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