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I was at a pizza place with two of my guy friends, and when I ordered a Coke, the server put two straws in my glass instead of one because they thought at least one of them must be the boyfriend I was going to share with. Nope. The only commitment going on involves the $2 I'm spending on this soda.


Has something like this ever happened to you guys?

when me and my husband go out together,they assume we're brother and sister
No =_= It's usually the opposite. It's like everybody knows we aren't together, but also that I like the person I'm with, so they are extra flirty and touchy to me in front of her, while completely ignoring her =_+ Literally everywhere I take a woman. It's really messed up.
@InPlainSight I just legitmately laughed out loud, good sir. confused the lady at the bus stop.
Yeeeah... All the time. I have this one friend that I spend a lot of time with. No matter what, at least 2-3 times a week someone says something. We just smile, nod, and laugh when they are out of earshot. It's just so ridiculous. We've been friends for almost 20 years, so I guess we're just used to it. *shrug* @Arellano1052 you're right, that IS messed up. Smh. Stupid games.
Lol back at home I have a lot of dude friends. I had one old lady come up to me and friend say how we're such a lovely couple and how lucky my friend is to be dating a beautiful girl. Hahahaa. And we both sitting there like...should we correct her?? lol.
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