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Yesterday, I went to the LA concert and all I can say is... WOW. As you could probably see, my seat was all the way at the top. it wasn't the best view, but, hey, I got to go to their concert. What more could I ask for? (A lot but that's besides the point :D)
This is the entrance from afar.
And here are just random photos of during and before the concert. (sorry for bad quality! I was trying to focus on the concert like how I learned from one of the cards I read (haha))
i think the highlight of my experience would have to be the when Daesung was like "I can't see you guys, but I can HEAR you guys!!" Then he asked us if we wanted to see his eyes... and the camera zoomed in on him. AND OMG.... literally, every time T.O.P sang or talked or showed up in a video, VIPs screamed the loudest. it was very deafening but the experience was 10/10!!!!!!!
and that's pretty much it! hearts! ♥♥♥♥♥